Equine Assisted Coaching

Discover yourself with horses

Equine assisted coaching provides a unique opportunity for transformation through interactive sessions with horses. During these sessions, the horses provide our clients with a safe place to gain clarity, encouragement and insight. This coaching method connects the discussion of the client and coach with various on-ground activities with the horses which provides the client with a unique perspective helping them see things in a different light.

Weather permitting, each coaching session is held outside where the client experiences the restorative benefits of being in nature. On-ground activities include being in the presence of the horses, grooming, walking a horse and other horse-assisted activities.


Horses are empathetic, keenly aware of emotional energies and have a natural ability to reflect our innermost feelings.


Horses are present and honest; sensing what we are feeling to help us see things we may not have seen before.


Horses are able to help us get in touch with our feelings and emotions.


Horses are extremely sensitive and intuitive, responding to our body language, muscle tension and heart rate.

Why I Partner with Horses:

They see what is buried inside of you

They are empathetic and intuitive

They are present and honest

They show you who you are

They have an amazing and healing energy

They know before you know

Experience the Benefits of Partnering with Horses

Horses have a coherent heartbeat which mirrors what we feel when we are in a state of bliss / joy. All it takes is to be within four feet of a horse for your heart to connect with theirs. This heart connection opens the door for awareness, insight and healing.

Clients have experienced amazing results in partnering with our horses. Many were able to make changes in their lives that they previously thought were impossible.

Clients leave each session feeling renewed and inspired.

What to Expect at the Barn

A visit to the barn is an amazing experience whether it is a one-on-one or group session, a special event or a day long retreat.

Unbridle Your Team's Potential

This program focuses on improving team effectiveness so that your group can find better, more efficient ways of working as a team.

One-on-One Individual Coaching

Do you want to be happier, healthier and more confident? Would you like to feel renewed and inspired after each session with the horses?

Find Your Balance.

Grab the Reins.

Challenge Yourself.

Challenge Your Team.

Are you looking to maximize your personal and professional potential?

Let go of old, outdated thoughts and behaviors?

Learn to establish appropriate boundaries?

The relationship between the horse and human has evolved moving from viewing the horse as a work tool to embracing them as a facilitator of change.

Take the First Step of Discovering Yourself through Horses.

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