About Penny

Welcome to A Path 2 Transformation a life coaching practice partnering with horses. Our mission is to provide unique opportunities for transformation through interactive sessions with horses providing our clients a safe place to gain clarity, encouragement, and insight.

Our coaching method connects the discussion of the client and coach with various on-ground activities with the horses. Weather permitting, coaching sessions are held outside where clients experience the restorative benefits of being in nature.

On-ground activities include being in the presence of the horses, grooming, walking a horse and other horse-assisted activities.

Why horses? Horses are empathetic, keenly aware of emotional energies, and have a natural ability to reflect our innermost feelings.

Horses are present and honest; sensing what we are feeling which helps us to truly see inside ourselves. The relationship between the horse and human has evolved moving from viewing the horse as a work tool to embracing them as a facilitator of change.

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