Penny Wilson

Life Improvement & Growth Coach

Empowering Women - in Life and Business

Life Empowerment Coaching

Reward yourself with revitalized clarity and confidence.

Growth Coaching

Find more fulfillment in your personal and professional life.

Start Living Courageously

Let Go and Grow.

Don't let fear hold you back.

Our unique approach to coaching utilizes innovative techniques and methodologies to help you overcome the obstacles to your success. Personalized support and attention is core to the success of our program. This ensures that your needs are met, and you receive the guidance needed to achieve success.

Do you struggle with indecision?

Perfectionism slowing you down?

Are you ready to embrace progress and growth?

Shift your perspective and recognize your true worth.

Challenge the internal biases that are limiting your success.

Unlock your full potential with expert guidance and support.


Identify what is keeping you from reaching the success you desire

Letting Go

Release what is holding you back


Achieve the success you envision

What Is Growth Coaching?

Who is Coaching For?

Let Go & Grow coaching is for women looking to improve their lives and achieve their personal and professional goals. The coaching process is designed to help women overcome obstacles and develop the skills and mindset necessary for success.

Improve your relationship with yourself and others

Find more fulfillment in your personal and professional life

Accelerate the advancement of your business or career

Stop chasing perfection

Free yourself from restrictive beliefs limiting your growth

Reward yourself with revitalized clarity and confidence


"Penny is very knowledgeable and easy to talk to. She is a great resource for anyone growing their business or working on career goals. "

"I have worked with Penny on several projects over the last 18 months. She is very intuitive and is always insightful. She understands the issues people face in today's business environment and always provides expert advice and solutions. I would highly recommend Penny to anyone looking for a coach to guide them to the next level in their career"

"When you are ready for a change, when you are ready for peace, when you are ready for an improved outlook, go to A Path 2 Transformation. You'll be met with understanding, empathy and compassion as you make critical changes to improve your future."

Online Coaching Resources

The Essentials of Goal Setting

Developing an action plan for growth requires setting appropriate and achievable goals.

Reframing Our Thoughts

Our thoughts hold us back from achieving the success that we desire. What steps can we take to see these limitations from a different perspective?

Let Go & Grow Coaching

Are you ready to develop the skills and mindset needed to reach your personal and professional goals?

Stop settling for the status quo and create lasting change in your personal and professional life.

Is anxiety, overthinking and perfectionism sabotaging your personal and professional goals? Are you looking to take control of your career path or start your own business? Do you desire to create a life that provides you with purpose and growth?

The Let Go & Grow program helps women develop the skills and mindset needed to reach their individual goals, gain clarity and confidence. Overcoming obstacles while decreasing disappointment, frustration and self-imposed limitations are an essential part of the process.

Don’t Wait Any Longer. Your Path 2 Transformation Awaits You!

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